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  Of course, the soaring body can't fly. After rushing out of the guardrail, it is followed by falling and falling rapidly.She fiercely looked back and gave Tang Wulin a hard stare.In this process, the star domain collapses, big stars fall, and many stars fall into this spiritual sea, which makes the spiritual sea vibrate."I understand!"

  While being shocked, Tang Wulin carefully tried to infect these elements with his emotions. Suddenly, these elements were very obedient and gathered around him under the control of his mind.XXX日木At this point, the trial practice of the Holy Market has reached the end. Those who don't have the courage to set foot on the battlefield, to a certain extent, have lost the qualification to continue the trial practice.At present, Ye Zhong buried the gold medal in hand at his feet, and after arranging some precious array around him, he quickly turned back hundreds of meters, hid his identity in another hill, stared at this side, looked calm and sat alone in Diaoyutai.


As soon as Tang Wulin went out, he met Xie Xie, who had just entered the dormitory.The Daoist Holy Soldiers are really powerful, but the Five-element Daojian is a secret art that belongs exclusively to the emperor's body. It can be said that it is infinitely close to the emperor's art. At the moment, it broke out with all its strength, and the Daoist Holy Soldiers were directly damaged and became waste.

Hearing the noise, Yang Kai paused and listened carefully. A moment later, Yang Kai's facial expression changed and he quickly ran in the direction of the sound source.After that, he looked at the disciple at the bottom and said, "Pass the order, and the trial disciple Yang Kai has repeatedly violated the religious rules and resorted to bloody and cruel methods, so that the law enforcement hall can take him back to Sen prison and wait for the Presbyterian Council to discuss it before dealing with it. As for Su Yan, she is young and ignorant, and she is a first-time offender, so I don't care. What do you think of several younger brothers?"She spoke humorously, with a gentle tone and a smile, and the disciples of the outer court on the shore immediately burst into laughter.

Long black hair is combed behind the head and tied into a ponytail, full of youthful vitality. The white dress is spotless and has no decoration, just so clean and refreshing.Although the forgers in the audience can vaguely guess that Tang Wulin's forging should also be a special skill, they can't fully understand why Tang Wulin and He Xiaopeng choose this forging method.

"Calculate!" Dance in the sky.Therefore, his shadow avatar is different from others. Xie Xie's kind of shadow is separated by virtue of the high-speed movement of the body. Have a certain ability.